We are delighted to invite you to Kana x Astrology for Artists The Sky meets the Earth: FIRE, EARTH, WATER & AIR workshop. An experimental collaboration where we’ll combine our creative and spiritual practices and create an inspiring experience for a deeper understanding of ourselves. We’ll work with the four elements in our astrological charts and, simultaneously, we’ll work with clay.

Clay, too often regarded as the most mundane substances, truly contains the whole of life: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. We’ll explore the links between the four elements in your personal chart and the ways in which we express, act, think, feel but – most importantly – the ways we search, get inspired, create work and live life by working with clay.

We chose the day after the full Moon in Scorpio as we want to gather and create a full moon ritual - where we’ll take one solid step, with a symbolic action. Full Moons can be a

powerful time to embody and come back to ourselves, to root and be with the feelings and

celebrate our wholeness.


First Hour

SKY Madeleine will explain the four elements from an astrological perspective, how our search for balance is often related to the lack or abundance of one or more elements in our chart, and how actively adding the missing ingredient can bring us peace, calm and balance.

EARTH We will use handbuilding technique for the first hour of our workshop, to reset, recenter and arrive. During the process of making ceramic vessels you will be ask to observe your palette of emotions, your thoughts and feelings, and write them down as we work. You will create few pieces of work which will be important guidance for the rest of the workshop.

Second Hour


We will look at your personal charts and how your experience with clay is reflected with the personal amount of Fire, Earth, Water and Air there is in your chart. We will look at what you’ve written and reflected and see how this connects, translates through your work and your experience of yourself and your work.

Third Hour

With Madeleines guidance and tips based on your personal chart we will approach clay one more time to create a more mindful piece, made with awareness, gratitude, self observance, self acceptance, forgiveness, love, softness.

*You will receive 2 ceramic pieces + personal Chart

** Once booked your spot - PLEASE SEND YOUR BIRTH DETAILS : day/ month/year, time of birth, city and country to astrologyforartists@gmail.com

Join us!

Ana & Madeleine