Summer Sessions: Kurinuki August 13th 10am-12pm


Summer Sessions: Kurinuki August 13th 10am-12pm


When: Monday May 13th 2pm-4pm
Where: Kana Studio, 5A Gransden Ave, E8 3QA

Kurinuki is a Japanese form of hand building.
It involves using a block of clay and carving the exterior form and hollowing out the interior. This is a more sculptural way of working with clay but translates beautifully to functional ware.

Kurinuki is an instinctual and impetuous way of working with clay. Rather than symmetry and precision the emphasise is put mainly on allowing the form to evolve impulsively allowing the lines of form to reveal themselves during the making process.

Anyone can have a go regardless of experience, it’s a fun and rewarding process. Once you come with an open mind and a lust for creative output you’ll be sure to enjoy.  

This is a two hour workshop and we will be focusing on making a vessel in the first hour of the class and a bowl in the second hour. We will glaze your creations in a beautiful white glaze and we will notify you by email in three weeks once they are ready for collection.

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