NEW Saturday Clay Practice Sessions.


NEW Saturday Clay Practice Sessions.


Practice sessions are an opportunity for past students or people who have previous experience in ceramics to come and improve their skills in the inviting and relaxing surroundings of KANA studios. This is an untutored session, so its like hiring your own studio space for two hours, for you to work independently :)


Practice sessions will run on Saturdays from the 2nd of February. You can choose from either of the two sessions 10am-12pm or 2pm to 4pm.


This is an untutored session but there will be someone to show you around the studio and help you get set up.

If you are press moulding you are welcome to bring your own moulds

It includes one medium sized piece to be glazed in a white glaze and fired by us.

If, however you would like to come back for another session to glaze the piece yourself and choose from our wide selection of glazes, you are more than welcome to book onto one of our glazing sessions which take place on the last Saturday of every month, but we can chat through this in more detail on the day.

If you would like to continue working on a piece in another session it is your responsibility to spray and wrap your piece, so it can be worked on at a later date, no longer than 3 weeks.

If you would like to fire more than one medium sized piece there will be an additional charge to cover our costs.

 For some good studio practice there will be 10 minutes to clean up at the end of the session


In about 3 weeks your items will be ready for collection. We will notify you by email and you can swing by the studio to collect your pieces..

Unfortunately once we have notified you, we can not keep items for longer than two weeks due to limited storage.


Unfortunately we must ask that you give us at least 1 weeks notice if you need to cancel or move your session. If you move your booking to a different date we can only move your booking once.

If you prefer, you can gift your session to a lucky friend. You must email us and let us know the details of the person coming in your place so we dont get mixed up! :)


Hiring of the space, firing of one medium sized item and glazing.


Old clothes, its gonna get messy!

Please email Sinead at for more details.

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