Masterclass with Ana: Large Building Workshop (4-weeks)


Masterclass with Ana: Large Building Workshop (4-weeks)


4-week Masterclass with Ana Kerin: Large Hand Building Workshop

I am thrilled to invite you my hand building workshop! KANA is a fine arts studio first and foremost, with my Masterclass I am attempting to blur the lines between useable ceramics and fine art. In this class I will be teaching a more sculptural approach and technical side of large scale hand building! We will focus on 2 large pieces, structure, planning and execution.

With over eight years experience of doing just that, I will be guiding a small group of students through my process, creating large sculptural pieces. In order to make sure that everyone gets enough one-on-one time with me there will be a MAX of 6 participants on this course.

what you get:
- x4 two hour tutored sessions
- x2 large pieces + small pinch pots that we’ll use for glaze testing
- all materials, tools and glazes

Where: Kana Studio, 5A Gransden Ave, E8 3QA

Weeks 1 & 2

1st hour

Introduction to hand building, with practicing the technique, during which time we will be also creating a set of small pinch bowls which will be super useful for your "glaze test samples" session on week 3

2nd hour

planning your two large scale pieces and start building the base for them, which will then be wrapped and left aside to become sturdier for us to continue building during our second 2h session during week 2

Week 3

Due to the large size of the pieces you will be creating while on this course, it will take two weeks for them to dry. In the meantime Ana will be teaching you all about the glazing process and showing you the different options you have for design, technique and colour. During your 3rd class you will be using your pinch pots to test out a few glazes so that you can decide which colour you’d like to use on your finished sculptural pieces during Week 4.

Week 4

In the final week of your Masterclass, Ana will be taking you step by step on how to glaze your sculptural pieces. Students will get to glaze 2 large pieces.

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