Make Your Own Teapot Session May 5th or May 26th


Make Your Own Teapot Session May 5th or May 26th


When: May 26th 10am-4:30pm (with a 30min lunch break)
Location: Kana Studio, 5A Gransden Ave, London E8 3QA

The Kana Clay Parlour is thrilled to have Cova join us for a workshop on making your own teapot! With over 22 years of experience in ceramics, Cova has been teaching students for almost the same amount of time. This workshop is open to students at all levels. Like all of the classes at the Kana Clay Parlour, we keep classes intimate to help ensure that each student gets plenty of one one one time with the tutor. This course will be taking place on a Sunday to ensure that there is enough time to learn and master each technique in the process.

Each student will make their own teapot over the course of the day and pick it up at a later date once it has been glazed and fired in the kiln. After building the teapot you then have time to decorate the teapot learning from Cova the different techniques that you can apply to the clay.

You will get to decide on what shaped handle you prefer and a texture or pattern to make your teapot uniquely yours!

After the session you will leave your pieces with us and we will process them for you i.e glaze and fire in their kiln. They should take about 3 weeks to process we will notify you by email when they are ready for collection.

All tuition, materials, firings and glazes.

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