EVENING Workshop (3 Weeks) Make your own Planter Set


EVENING Workshop (3 Weeks) Make your own Planter Set



Join us for our 3 week ‘Make your own Planters course’

This course is different to our 3 week Planter course as we will only use one method of handbuilding, the slab building technique, to build a set of three planters.

In the first class you will be guided through the process of how to build two small cylindrical planters. In the second class you will build your main project a medium sized planter, your own design and shape, but must be using the slab building method. In the final class you will be glazing your new set of plant homes :)


The course will run from 7pm until 9 pm.


Week one

In the first week you will learn the slab building technique and make two small slab built succulent pots. I will talk to you individually about about your design for your main project and I will ask you to do a little bit of homework and prepare a template for the following class :) You will also prepare your slabs of clay so they will be leather hard and ready to use for the next class.

Week two

In the second week you will construct your main project, a medium sized planter of your own design.

Week three

On the third week there will be an introduction to glaze application/ decoration and you will glaze your set of planters. There will be a selection of glazes to choose from.


Fully tutored classes, all materials, glazes, firings and your very own 3 piece planter set.


Old clothes, it’s gonna get messy!


In about 3 weeks your items will be ready for collection. We will notify you by email and you can swing by the studio to collect your pieces..

Unfortunately once we have notified you, we can not keep items for longer than two weeks due to limited storage.


Unfortunately we must ask that you give us at least 2 weeks notice if you need to cancel. If you move your booking to a different date we can only move your booking once.

If you prefer, you can gift your course to a lucky friend. You must email us and let us know the details of the person coming in your place so we don’t get mixed up! :)

Please email Sinead at events@kanalondon.com for more details.

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