SPECIAL Workshop: Creating Props for Food Photography (3-Weeks) May 5th-19th


SPECIAL Workshop: Creating Props for Food Photography (3-Weeks) May 5th-19th



Food is an important part of my brand, over the years I've worked with many stylists and food photographers and would love to share my knowledge with you on how to create and make your own set of ideal props for your food photography.

I'm trilled to announce a special guest appearance by Ola O Smit who join us for all 3 weeks. During this time she will share her inside knowledge on food photography through the lens of a photographer. 

Course Breakdown
week 1 - making props 
week 2 - glazing props 
week 3 - using props 

what you get:
3 3hr sessions + clay + glaze + firing of 5 treasures
+ food photography tutorial + lunch
When: Sunday May 5th, 12th & 19th | 12pm-3pm
Where: Kana Studio, 5A Gransden Ave, E8 3QA

Food is an important piece of the Kana brand, we love nothing more than seeing one of our plates or bowls used at our local restaurants or on your Instagram feeds! That’s why we’ve created a course especially to help you enhance your food photography skills. Kana thrilled to have the freelance photographer and Creative Director of Table, Ola O Smit to our studio for this special 3-week course.
Students will be working with Ana to create a set of five pieces ideal for photographing food. You will learn basic hand building techniques, slab building. Ana will also be leading demonstrations on press moulding for plates and bowls.
During the second week of your course, Ana will be teaching you about the art of glazing.
Throughout the three weeks Ola will be sharing her knowledge of the ideal props to use when photographing food, how to approach colour and how to plan out a photograph before taking it. On the final week of the course you’ll be trying your pieces out, photographing them with delicious food made by Ana. And the best part of any food photography shoot? You get to eat the food at the end!

Week 1

Our first session will be broken up into two parts. The first hour will be a discussion over coffee lead by Ola O Smit as she discusses her background in food photography how she approaches every shoot and what goes into pre-production. We will also spend time looking at Ana’s example of props, her experience working in food photography and how she collaborates with creatives on set to create a cohesive story and selection of images.

The last two hours will be spent creating your ideal props for the image you have in mind, make sure to bring your ideas of different images you have in mind and would like to create. Ana will then work with you to make pieces to help create the image you have in mind! Ola will also be there to advise and share ideas on how to improve your props from a photographers point of view.

Week 2

We will start our second week out with another 1-hour discussion. Ana will first take you through glazing techniques, while Ola will be chatting to everyone about colour theory and what to keep in mind in terms of colour palettes.

The last two hours will then be spent glazing your pieces and any extra decoration you might want to add. Students will have access to Ana’s iconic glazes that we normally only use for Kana products!

Week 3

The final of our three sessions will start with a 1-hour tutorial in food photography by Ola and Ana. They will discuss little tricks, tips and ideas that they use while on set of their own food photography shoots.

The second hour will be for you to try out all that you’ve learned with Ana and Ola there to help you along the way and bring your vision to life! Students will get to use Ana’s personal stash of fine art backgrounds and fabrics. Ana will be cooking up a few delicious treats for you to photograph and then later enjoy!

The final hour will be for us to enjoy the food Ana has cooked and finish up an final photos you want to take!

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