I’m a TOTAL beginner when it comes to ceramics, which course is best for beginners?
All of our classes are suited to beginners! We keep our groups small so that each student gets as much one on one time with the tutor as needed. If you’re more advanced we can adapt the class to that as well.

How long after my workshop ends will I have to wait before I can collect my pieces?
Clay is unpredictable, the process can even be delayed by the weather. We will aim however to have your pieces back to between 4-6 weeks. If after 6 weeks you haven’t heard from us, reach out at hello@kanalondon.com with your name and the start date of your workshop.

What classes do you have going on at the moment?
You can view all of our classes over on the workshop tab on the main menu, it’s broken down into seasonal classes, 3-week courses and one-off courses.

What’s the difference between a one-off course and a 3-week course?
They are relatively the same, the main difference is the number of pieces you get to make. On the third week of our 3-week courses you will also learn how to glaze.

The course I’m interested in isn’t available at the moment, what can I do if I’d rather not wait until it is available again?
There are two different options. You can book time in, onto one of our Saturday Sessions where our tutors can work to help you create some of the pieces you were looking to make. These classes are offered every week, morning and afternoon sessions!
You can reach out to us privately at hello@kanalondon.com and organise a private workshop for you and your friends. Please note that it will be a minimum of 8 people per booking!

There are some KANA pieces that I’ve seen online, but they’re sold out. Can I order them anyways?
Yes! We are always happy to create a bespoke order for you. You can reach out to us at hello@kanalondon.com to book your private order, this is at no extra cost to you :)

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We do, all you need to do is reach out to us at hello@kanalondon.com and we can calculate the shipping fees based off of the address you give us and the number of items you intend to purchase.